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Staff Directory

Welcome to Pomeroy's School Staff Directory. You may email a staff member by clicking on the envelope icon next to the staff member's name. 

Contact Ms. Ahmed  Ms. Ahmed (408) 423-3800 ex: 3863 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Leslie Angulo  Leslie Angulo (408) 423-3800 K/1st Grade Special Day Class Teacher
Contact David Borzillo  David Borzillo (408) 423-3800 Literacy Intervention Teacher
Contact Angela Brown  Angela Brown 4th Grade Teacher (job share w/ Ms. Livers)
Contact Mrs. Stacy Butler  Mrs. Stacy Butler (408) 423-3800 ex: 3858 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Luis Calonje  Luis Calonje (408) 423-3810 Secretary
Contact Sara Cerrillo  Sara Cerrillo (408) 423-3800 Wellness Coordinator
Contact Christy Chalfant  Christy Chalfant (408) 423-3800 Principal
Contact Anna Chinn  Anna Chinn (408) 423-3800 ex: 3840 Librarian
Contact Hillarie Cox  Hillarie Cox (408) 423-3800 ex: 3870 1st GradeTeacher
Contact Jeanette Erlendson  Jeanette Erlendson (408) 423-3800 4th/5th Grade Speical Day Class Teacher
Contact Vickie Fairchild  Vickie Fairchild (408) 423-3830 Psychologist
Contact Melissa Fetter  Melissa Fetter (408) 423-3800 ex: 3869 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Che Garcia  Che Garcia (408) 423-3800 ex: 3856 3rd GradeTeacher
Contact Mr. Glover  Mr. Glover (408) 423-3800 ex: 3851 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Harper  Mrs. Harper (408) 423-3800 ex: 3857 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Julie Hues  Julie Hues (408) 423-3800 ex: 3874 Transitional KindergartenTeacher
Contact Nalyne Hunt  Nalyne Hunt (408) 423-3800 ex: 3865 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Michael Juarez  Michael Juarez Day Time Custodian
Contact Rebekah Lee  Rebekah Lee (408) 423-3800 ex: 3867 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Kate Livers  Kate Livers (408) 423-3800 4th Grade Teacher (job share w/ Ms. Brown)
Contact Cheryl Lopes-Coe  Cheryl Lopes-Coe (408) 423-3800 ex: 3864 Math/Literacy InterventionTeacher
Contact Kristine Madanes  Kristine Madanes (408) 423-3800 ex: 3868 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Janice Matulich  Janice Matulich (408) 423-3862 Aide
Contact Pomeroy PTA  Pomeroy PTA Staff
Contact Christen Ricarte  Christen Ricarte (408) 423-3811 Clerical Assistant
Contact Ann-Marie Sierra  Ann-Marie Sierra (408) 423-3800 ex: 3877 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Mrs. Sugrue  Mrs. Sugrue (408) 423-3800 5th Gade Teacher
Contact Catherine Thieme  Catherine Thieme (408) 423-3800 ex: 3854 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Marisa Towne  Marisa Towne (408) 423-3800 2nd/3rd Grade Special Day Class Teacher
Contact Cindy Walsh  Cindy Walsh (408) 423-3800 ex: 3852 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Nicole Young  Nicole Young (408) 423-3852 2nd Grade Teacher