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    Common Core Standards

    California Common Core State Standards

    Our Pomeroy staff designs and delivers instruction that meets Common Core Standards. Teachers use district adopted curriculum to deliver these lessons along with their own creative touch.  Pomeroy staff also teach to ensure students are developing life-long skills, focused on the whole-child, to prepare students of all ages and abilities to succeed in an ever-changing world. The role of educators in the 21st century should be helping every student learn how to learn. It’s inspiring creativity, encouraging collaboration, expecting and rewarding critical thinking, and teaching children not only how to communicate, but also the power of effective communication. These are skills students need to develop in order to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic workplace. Our job as educators is to prepare students to be successful and contributing citizens in our world and to prepare them for jobs that have yet to be created. 

    Please visit the links below to learn more about Common Core, access Parent Resources and access District information on our District Strategic Planning and curriculum.