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garden arches
Several families and teachers have been working hard to revamp our garden on campus to help it not only become a place where kids can learn about growing healthy foods, but to engage their curiosity as well. The garden allows us to encourage hands-on lessons in subjects as diverse as science, art, math, and more. The kindergarten classes help plant and weed and at the end of their worm unit in science, they enrich the soil with new wiggly friends! Recently, all the first-graders came through to enjoy a story, plant some seeds, pull some weeds, taste and smell what was growing, and create some art to brighten the space. They were curious and brave about trying new things and their favorites were the sugar snap peas and the chocolate mint! We hope that once it is safe to do so, we can have many more experiences like that (and start bringing the harvest into classrooms with the Charlie Cart)! This year, the fourth graders used their STEAM skills and the Maker Space to invent new ways of protecting the plants from pests. The garden has already become a place for our diverse community to gather, learn from one another, and work together.


You may not know, but Pomeroy Elementary is a Title 1 school, which means that a significant portion of our population qualifies for free- and reduced-cost lunches. We feel very strongly about providing a place where all students can learn about healthy food choices and how to care for and enjoy nature. Parents, teachers, and students had a lot of fun at our garden workdays-working together to make big changes. Another community day is planned once it is safe to enjoy lots of fun activities for the entire family! If anyone is interested in helping, we can always use volunteers! Questions, ideas, or donations are also welcome at


More fun facts...
  • Right now, the focus is learning about companion planting-how plants have "friends" and can help each other grow...just like people! 
  • Pollinators LOVE the garden and you will see bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more when you visit.
  • The compost piles are heating up, thanks to community donations-together we're reducing waste and enriching the soil.
  • Some of the beds have themes-like a flower bed (for attracting pollinators), a tea time bed (where everything is edible and can be made into tasty tea), and a pizza bed (where all kinds of herbs and veggies can be eaten in the sauce and as toppings).
  • Our weather station helps students notice the daily changes in temperature and wind, plus checking the rainfall.
Several companies have helped us with their generous donations:
  • The Open Space Authority granted us $31,750 for garden improvements and to create lessons to incorporate garden education into our instruction
  • The Kiwanis Club of Santa Clara donated several fruit trees honoring the orchards that existed in Santa Clara long ago
  • West Coast Arborists donated the mulch
  • Summerlands Nursery donated seed starter kits, soil, and MANY seeds
  • Lowes donated the weed barrier material for under the mulch
  • Home Depot donated the numbers to identify our beds, 3 pots, 3 lattices, and soil
  • Lori Owens and Harry Lee have generously donated LOTS of time and money
  • The Arroyo Garcia family donated flowers, grape vines, soil, lanterns, fencing and lots more!
  • So many families have donated their time, muscle, hard work, and expertise to garden days and weeding and upkeep...our community is so helpful and supportive!
student holding zucchini
volunteer photo
volunteer photo
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pomeroy garden mural
new planters
fruit tree