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Mrs. Amy Harper

Third Grade

Pomeroy School Room 7

(408) 423-3800

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Amy Harper (408) 423-3800 ex: 3857 3rd Grade Teacher
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Amy Harper

Welcome to Third Grade in Room 7!

Our class is very excited to start third grade, and I'm thrilled to be here with new third graders and working with a great team of teachers! We will learn a lot in this transitional year from "little kid" to "upper grader!"

Read at your level with RAZ-kids!

Students may use their account for any or all of their 30 minutes a night of reading homework!  Find my class by using the teacher code aharper2.  Remember that students should read a book on their own carefully before taking a quiz on it.  A good score on the quiz on the first try means that the student read carefully!

Typing Agent proves popular!

**See Locker section for the Santa Clara Typing Agent link! **  

Our district now has a fun program for learning to touch-type.  This is great news, as typing is definitely a twenty-first century skill!  Your child can access it at home, and so can parents.  You received directions in weeks past, but in case you haven't tried it yet, here is the link:  Students have a log-in that is a 6-digit number and a password--both are written in their planners.  Students should use the Agent Training section to practice typing.  They are not to use the Games section yet, and we will NOT be using the Social section.  When your child uses Typing Agent at home, they won't need your help, but please watch their finger position and help them remember to keep fingers lined up properly on the home keys.  Thanks, and enjoy!

Toys and Gum stay at home

Please remember that toys are not to come to school.  In the classroom, things like erasers and pencil sharpeners must be used as tools, not toys.  Other things, like Pokémon cards and small figurines, should stay at home to be enjoyed.  Also, remember that gum is never allowed at school.  Students should not have it here at all, even in their backpacks.

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are an easy way to give your child books at his or her level that can be read over and over, and passed on to others. I send home an order form about once a month.  If you choose to order books, the easiest way is online. At, you will need my classroom activation code the first time, which is MDD8X.  You can also send in a check with the order form. Forms will go home in the Wednesday envelope, and the orders are always due the following Wednesday.  The first one will be sent home on Wednesday, August 23, so the orders will be due by Wednesday, August 30.  If you order online, you can view more catalogs than the paper one that I send home. Ordering also benefits our class--many of the books that I have in my classroom library were purchased with Scholastic points earned by parents ordering books!

Rainbow over Pomeroy
Rainbow over Pomeroy