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Black fine line and regular Sharpie markers. We enjoy doing projects related to the curriculum! Also a small jar of rubber cement, can be found at Walgreens, Office Depot, or Michaels, but in the adult or shipping envelops sections.

Kate Livers


FALL 2016

Conferences Thank you so much for those of you who submitted their preferred times for conferences at Back to School Night. I will try to honor as many of these as I can, short of those who need translator appointments which will be scheduled by the office.My conferences will begin at 1:30, and my last will be scheduled for 4:00. We will conference with ALL students this period, only concerns or progress issues will be scheduled in the Spring when we only have 2 days.

August has started  off busy!!  


Social Studies Informational writing reports on Native Americans are due Oct. 1 Your child should know that to achieve the maximum points they must also have their research cards, and a draft. A collaboration task creating  a visual board on the area they researched will be done in class and will be a separate group grade.


Our next research topic will be the European Explorers that traveled fro Europe to the New World. Students will select one explorer from Spain, Holland, England, France,or Portugal, and will develop a Powerpoint Presentation to reflect their knowledge of the motivations and accomplishments of their explorer. This will not be completed until Oct. 30th.



Our beginning unit has focused on The Solar System. Students have studied the make-up of the planets, the distance from the sun as well as the composition and location of the asteroid belt and the Kuiper Belt. They made beautiful models of this system. They will have a quiz to test their knowledge of this area studied.Many have done extra credit by researching on line the newly discovered planets, the dome where people  piloted being in a space for 3 years, and the specifics related to Mars. Extra Credit will be given to those who did research. We are building our curiosity and love of learning! 


Parents, please remind your children that there are standards that must be met by June.

  • 25 Chapter Books
  • 12 Summaries DUE BY May 25
  • 100 Vocabulary word definitions
  • Science Fair Visual Display/investigation

Please review with your child where they are on these end of the year standards.  They should have progressed from the results listed on their  trimester II report cards. 


  • Identifying character, setting, events  leading to a climax, problem/solution, and conclusion 
  • Describe relationship between two main characters
  • Compare and Contrast themes between two works
  • Relate “cause “ and “effect’ in a literary work
  • Summarize through note-taking, group chapters of a realistic fiction book
  • Explain a sequence of events in a story
  • Create clear sentences, without "run-ons". Use  of capitals and periods.
  • Demonstrate the use of the conventions of standard English: commas, periods, quotations.
  • This is the 5th grade Promotion Party in June, many years ago.                                           Save & Exit              


Science Camp will be in May. General information. GREAT NEWS There will no charge for Science Camp this year. Everybody goes, nobody pays!!

Students are very excited  with the planning for Science Camp. Each student will pick a buddy to be in the cabin with.Packing suggestions will be sent home later.  Your children may NOT bring a flashlight, fancy camera, phone, or snacks. They (the camp) are adamant about these issues. I suggest adding a "bungy cord" so that the sleeping bag, pilllow, and rolling suitcase can travel in one sweep. Also I told them to bring one large-sized black trash bag; either in case of a unlikely rainshower, or to haul stinky wet tennis shoes home. Please be sure they do bring 2 pairs of shoes. I suggest NO sunglasses; they will lose them. However a baseball cap with a brim will help when hiking on a sunny day. They can buy a camp one there, or you can purchase one ahead of time as well. We are all excited to go, even me who is spending all 24 hours everyday we are there on duty. They are so happy when there, it fills my heart with joy!!

IMPORTANT BE SURE TO GET YOUR green sheet to the doctor's office as soon as possible. It has to be signed whether your child takes a prescription, inhaler, OR ANY OVER THE COUNTER DRUG, such as aspirin, or allergy medicine !! No green form, no medicine goes to camp. Be sure to put medicine in a gallon size zip lock baggy with the child's name on it, and the green sheet inside. You can send them in to me as soon as you get them signed by the doctor. I will take them all with me up to the camp.


Our focus right now is on PLACE VALUE. In addition, students must have a firm command of the multiplication tables as they will be the foundation for percent, fractions, ration and area. They will not be able to succeed without this background, so please work with them at home. This  was a third and fourth grade standard. Next We will be reviewing the "lattice Strategy" for multiplication, as well as the "Box Method", Multiplying out the tens/Ones, and of course the traditional algorythm. Two digits times two digits will be our focus. Division using two digit divisors, and three digit dividends will also be taught this period. Factors, Multiples, and Exponents will be additional concepts this grading period, as well as the beginning of a unit on graphing.



Reading-Read twenty minutes daily; orally i night a week

Math- Page assigned

Spelling- Assigned page related to Unit.

Language-Review pages on standards (punctuation, word parts, vocabulary, etc).

Science and Social Studies assigned reading or projects alternating with units.; i.e. research on explorers, planets, etc.