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While we are away

Dear Room 8 Families,


Our school year has started in a different way than we expected but here we are. For the most update information about what's happening in room 8 follow our family newsletter and browse our Google classroom.


Some activities that you can do at home are reading, writing in a daily journal about the things that you are doing, the things you might be watching or reading.  ST Math is available as well as RAZ Kids, and Typing Agent. Build with legos or plant some seeds. You can measure the rain fall or practice multiplication flash cards.


Rest, drink lots of water, wash your hands, wear a mask in public  and stay as healthy as possible. This is quite an adventure that won't be forgotten for a long time. Until we can gather safely together again.



Healthy wishes,


Mrs. Stacy Butler 

Multiplication Fact Struggles

Every  Friday we have a multiplication fact test.This is a timed test, so speed and accuracy are important.  Every night students should be practicing their multiplication facts. We must know these to be successful in third grade.  


I will send home songs to help the students remember the facts. We are making Fact Monsters at school too! Having flash cards at home to practice makes us successful!


The idea of drilling and memorizing the facts is the best way to get those facts to to stay in our brains.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Read every night, sign up for a  library card or visit a book store. I will update everyone's RAZ Kids reading levels as students progress. Practice your math facts! Flash cards are quick and easy to make, unless you bought them. Fact Monster  ( is a great resource too! ST Math should be played every night also. Students should have completed 30% at this time for St Math.

Snacks Needed Please

We love snacks for recess with all our fun learning activities. We get hungry by recess.  Crackers, goldfish, pretzels are all healthy choices.

Contact Me!
Stacy Butler (408) 423-3858 3rd Grade Teacher