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Stacy Butler

Welcome Happy Campers

Dear Room 8 Families,


Welcome to camp! This year my theme for our classroom is Stories Under the Stars. In third grade we write, read and talk about stories. Some of my most memorable stories come from my days camping. So I picked a theme that would encourage our children to share their stories. We end each day with a campfire circle talking about the activities and events of the day that they loved or made them nervous or excited. 


Our class is very lucky this year. I have a student teacher who will be with us this entire school year. Her name is Ms. Morse-Quevedo. We will all get to know her better on her journey toward becoming a teacher. She has visited our room several times already.


I hope that all of you can attend Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 21st. The evening starts at 6:00pm in the cafeteria. Then third grade stays in the cafeteria for the first part and then we will go to room 8 to finish the evening. I am very excited to get to know all the families in my class this year.


Our homework folders started going home this week. The yellow folders go home every night Monday - Thursday. Please bring them back every morning so that I can check them to make sure your children are being successful with the activities. It is a great way for me to check to see if any problems or questions arise.


Please return the orange handbook bags, the pink apps permission slip and your emergency kit as soon as possible. I will start sending notes home to remind you that I need them. Also if anyone would like to volunteer please make sure your volunteer application and TB test are current. Thank you!


Our students will have many opportunities for resources on line. I will be sending home information in the coming weeks about our programs. We have ST Math, RAZ Kids, Typing Agent and Footsteps to Brilliance. Codes will be sent home for all programs. All these programs are valuable resources and will make third grade more successful. Typing agent needs to be used on a computer or a tablet with a keyboard.  I will check each week to make sure students are trying these sites at home. 


Remember just send me a note or an email if you ever have any questions or concerns


Mrs. Stacy Butler 

Multiplication Fact Struggles

Every  Friday we have a multiplication fact test.This is a timed test, so speed and accuracy are important.  Every night students should be practicing their multiplication facts. We must know these to be successful in third grade.  


I will send home songs to help the students remember the facts. Having flash cards at home to practice makes us successful!


The idea of drilling and memorizing the facts is the best way to get those facts to to stay in our brains.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Read every night, sign up for a  library card or visit a book store. I will update everyone's RAZ Kids reading levels as students progress. Practice your math facts! Flash cards are quick and easy to make, unless you bought them. Fact Monster  ( is a great resource too! ST Math should be played every night also. We have Footsteps to Brilliance as well as Typing agent to help.

Snacks Needed Please

We love snacks for recess with all our fun learning activities. We get hungry by recess.  Crackers, goldfish, pretzels are all healthy choices.

Contact Me!
Stacy Butler (408) 423-3800 ex: 3858 3rd Grade Teacher