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Wish List

*Solid color plastic/"poly" folders with 2 pockets and folders with 3 prongs inside*

*Disenfectant wipes

*Colored copying paper


*Large/Gallon ziploc bags

*White construction paper


Important Information


Homework is sent home on Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a holiday) & is expected back completed on Fridays in the homework folder.  Please make sure that the book bag and homework are placed in your child's backpack on Thursday nights.

Unfinished Work:

Periodically, any unfinished work will be sent home on Fridays & is expected back completed the following Monday.


Reading Log:

Please help your child fill out the reading log on the back of the homework.




Susie Ahmed

Welcome to Second Grade!

   Welcome to a new school year!

      My name is Ms. Ahmed and I have been teaching at Pomeroy for many years.  I am excited to be teaching second grade.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child.

      Second grade is an exciting year for academic growth and for your child to become more independent.  It is also a time to add on more responsibilities.  Here are some important reminders to help make it a successful school year for your child:

       *Students may arrive to school between 8:00 and 8:15 am.  Students should be on room 13's line by 8:15.  I will most likely be done taking attendance by 8:20.

       *Have your child bring a backpack to school every day.

       *Your child needs to read out loud to a family member everyday!  Reading out loud helps students and family members monitor reading skills.  Raz-kids is a great online resource for e-books that your child can use.  

       *ST Math is also available online. Your child needs to go on ST Math as often as possible.  It is a great online math resource!

      *Wednesday envelopes go home with your child on Wednesdays.  Please keep the papers, sign the envelope and and have your child return the empty envelope on Thursdays.

      *It is encouraged that your child to bring a healthy snack for recess (e.g. fruit, crackers and cheese) .

        I am looking forward to a fun, positive and productive year.  With your help, support and cooperation, we can make it a wonderful school year!




Students are to wait in front of the school with their backpacks behind the blue lines at 8:00.  When the bell rings, they need to WALK down the hallway, put their backpacks on the hooks and wait on the room line until the yard duty teacher blows the whistle to signal it is ok to play.



Attendance is taken between 8:20 and 8:25.  Any students who are late will be sent to the office to get a tardy slip.


Instructional Time:

Class instructional time is valuable and limited.  It is the school policy that any messages or any items that need to be dropped off (lunches, homework etc.) after 8:15, be dropped off at the office.  The office will give me the message at the appropriate time.  It is important for the students to remain focused during a lesson or when being given a test.  



Please put your child's first & last name on jackets, lunch bags & other items so your child can easily identify the items if they get lost.




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