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Read-a-thon Information
Posted 2/11/19

Welcome Parents, Students and Friends to our Read-a-thon!

This year, we are excited to announce that we will hold a Read-a-thon fundraiser. Our

Read-a-thon is a program that brings students together with family and friends to

encourage reading and to build literacy skills.


The main focus of the Read-a-thon is for everyone to know we are committed to

improving reading skills. To that end, the Read-a-thon promises to be a fun, exciting

journey for all participants as they begin a personal Reading Adventure that challenges

each reader to complete 15 reading sessions over our 3-week event.

Our Read-a-thon started February 8, 2019, reading log registration sheets went home Wednesday February 6, 2019.


We look forward to a very successful read a thon. Please let the PTA know if you have any questions.