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Classroom Websites

Welcome to Pomeroy School's classroom websites. From here you can keep up with classroom news, calendars, and any other information teachers have published about their classrooms by clicking on the teacher's name. You can email your student's teacher from here by clicking on the envelope icon next to their name..

Contact Ms. Ahmed  Ms. Ahmed (408) 423-3800 ex: 3863 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Leslie Angulo  Leslie Angulo (408) 423-3800 K/1st Grade Special Day Class Teacher
Contact Amanda Bordagaray  Amanda Bordagaray (408) 423-3800 4th grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Stacy Butler  Mrs. Stacy Butler (408) 423-3800 ex: 3858 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Hillarie Cox  Hillarie Cox (408) 423-3800 ex: 3870 1st GradeTeacher
Contact Jeanette Erlendson  Jeanette Erlendson (408) 423-3800 4th/5th Grade Speical Day Class Teacher
Contact Melissa Fetter  Melissa Fetter (408) 423-3800 ex: 3869 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Che Garcia  Che Garcia (408) 423-3800 ex: 3856 3rd GradeTeacher
Contact Mr. Glover  Mr. Glover (408) 423-3800 ex: 3851 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Mrs. Harper  Mrs. Harper (408) 423-3800 ex: 3857 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Julie Hues  Julie Hues (408) 423-3800 ex: 3874 Transitional KindergartenTeacher
Contact Nalyne Hunt  Nalyne Hunt (408) 423-3800 ex: 3865 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Rebekah Lee  Rebekah Lee (408) 423-3800 ex: 3867 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Tasha Linn  Tasha Linn (408) 423-3800 ex: 3878 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Cheryl Lopes-Coe  Cheryl Lopes-Coe (408) 423-3800 ex: 3864 Math/Literacy InterventionTeacher
Contact Kristine Madanes  Kristine Madanes (408) 423-3800 ex: 3868 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Ann-Marie Sierra  Ann-Marie Sierra (408) 423-3800 ex: 3877 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Mrs. Sugrue  Mrs. Sugrue (408) 423-3800 5th Gade Teacher
Contact Catherine Thieme  Catherine Thieme (408) 423-3800 ex: 3854 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Marisa Towne  Marisa Towne (408) 423-3800 2nd/3rd Grade Special Day Class Teacher
Contact Cindy Walsh  Cindy Walsh (408) 423-3800 ex: 3852 4th Grade Teacher